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Itís okay, Iíll keep it brief. I drifted into journalism in the late 1970s whilst working for TV makers Ferguson where I became something of an expert in the field of ultrasonic remote controls. Go on, ask me anythingÖTo while away the hours I began submitting articles to a magazine called Electronics Today International (ETI). Long story short, a  job came up, I applied and in no time at all I was an Editorial Assistant  on  Computing Today, one of the first computer magazines in the UK.


I went on to write for and edit various mags for the company, including ETI, Hobby Electronics, Citizenís Band (we helped to get it legalised in the UK, good buddy), Video Today and Which Video? I left the company in the late 80s to launch and edit a short-lived technology mag called NextÖIt was way ahead of its time, so much so that it lasted only a year and after it folded I went freelance.


Since then I have written for more magazines than you can shake a stick at -- mostly computer, consumer electronics and security & surveillance titles -- various newspapers including of course the Daily Telegraph, written half a dozen books, and learned to fly. I live and work in South London with Jane, my long-suffering partner, mentor, co-director and website workhorse  plus our two teenage kids Katie and Alex  and two crazy cats.


If you have five minutes to spare you'll find the stories behind BootLog HERE, and my questionable interest in radioactivity HERE

In my advancing years I have developed an unhealthy obsession with 1960s technology. Itís the sort of stuff that I once owned (and stupidly threw away). I collect early transistor tape recorders.  I'm  mainly interested in  minature reel to reel models, the sort that used to turn up in 1960s movies and TV series. I've also got quite a few micro  radios and pocket TVs made by Clive Sinclair and a lot of old telephones, clocks and barometers that I will definitely get around to sorting  out  one day

No microchips, no software, just good old fashioned electronics and  mechanical  bits. It's  technology  you  can  take  apart,  fix  and put back together again (though the Sinclair stuff was iffy even when new)...


To find out more have a look at my Dustygizmos site where you will find all manner or weird, wacky and in my opinion, wonderful gadgets from a byegone etra.




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