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What Cellphone, (now Total Mobile), was one of the first magazines in the UK dedicated to mobile phones and I was lucky enough to be asked to write for it, virtually from issue one when it launched back in the early nineties.  Unfortunately my current PC archive only begins in 1995 and it will be a while before I can find and extract the earliest articles.


For some reason I rarely got my hands on the shiny new phones that came in for review, instead, I became the accessories expert, which wasn’t nearly so much fun, though I never went short of spare batteries, chargers replacement aerials and cases. Over the years I must have seen hundreds of them, sent to me for review and believe me, there is only so much you can say about a cellphone case…


So much has changed since those early days. My first cellphone, and I still have it somewhere in the loft, was one of the famous house brick sized models and all it could do was make phone calls, and it didn’t do that very well, or for very long… My current mobile would fit comfortably in the old phone’s battery compartment and it does a zillion other things besides making and taking calls. We really have come a long way in a very short time… 


Accessory Buyer's Guide

Accessory List

Antenna Test

Avante Speakeasy Hands-free Kit

Battery Care

Battery Chargers

Battey Supertest

Battery Technology

Bosch M-COM 714 Handset

Buying Accessories

Car Kits Group Test

Car Kit MiniTests

Cellular Phoneys -- Spoof Phones Reviewed

Chargers on Test


Cordless Phone Group Test

Fax Machine Group Test

Handsfree Kits

Home Office Do's & Don'ts

Mobile Phone Cases

Motorola Flare GSM Handset

Phone Features

Pocket Dictating Machines

Setting up a Home Office

February Accessories

September Accessories

December Accessories

December Accessories 2

Christmas accessories


Accessory Roundup

Battery Group Test

Case Market Survey 1996

Daniel Design IQ Master Battery

Designer cases and fascias

Ericsson, Mitsubishi & Nokia car kits

Fighting Phone Filth - mobile germs

Going Digital, in Dorset...

Handset cradles and holders

In-Car Communications

Lights of the Charge Brigade -- chargers

Mobile Phones at sea

Mobile Christmas Prezzies


Q&A Phones and Features

Q&A Networks and Services

Replacement Antenna Group Test

April Accesories

August Accessories

March Accessories

May Accessories

June Accessories

July Accessories

September Accessories

October Accessories

October Accessoreies, part 2

November Accessories


A - Z of Mobile Accessories

Battery technology

Buyer's Guide - car adaptors

Buyer's Guide Fax Machines

DIY car antenna fitting

Hands free car kits

Home Office faxes & answering machines

In-Car mobile phone questions

Mobile data communications

Mobile phone Q & A

Plain paper fax machine Group Test

Readers's questions answered 1

Reader's questions answered 2

Sub £100 car kits


Mobile Accessories

January - charger, cleaner, SMS, antenna

February - vibe alert, antenna, holder, clip

March - battery, case, phone freshner

April - hands free, batteries, adaptor

May - antenna, case, charger & talk, belt clip

June - solar battery, hands-free, antenna

July - hands free, holder, car kit

August - case, charger, hands-free, holder

Septemeber- holder, travel charger, case

October - hands free, SIM manager, cleaner

November - spray, cases, charge, antennar

December - case, car kit, charger


Digital Answering Machine Group Test

Pesonal Fax Machines

Plain Paper Fax Machine Group Test

Replaceable Handset Covers

Sagem compact fax machine

January - charger, case, datacard

March - hands free, vibralert, charger, holder

April - vibralert, signal keyring, case, car kit


May - car kit, case, data card, holder

June - hands free kits, sanitizer

July - antenna, holder, case, recorder

August - case, car kit, holder, address book

September - shield, case, holder, antenna

October - cases, car kits, antenna, recorder

November - antenna, charger, shield

December - pager, watch alert, signal lights


Fax Machine Group Test

Printers Group Test

Scanners Group Test

January. surveillance, handsfree, case

March - handsfree kit, flasher, cases

April - antennas, clip holder, alarm


May - hands free, chargers

June - shield, handsfree, case, antenna

July - modem, hands free kit

August - modem cards

December - modem card










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