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There are literally hundreds of companies marketing thousands of in-car accessories under dozens of different brand names.  Many of the products are identical -- or as near as makes no difference -- coming from the same far-Eastern factories, but sell at vastly differing prices; in short it’s a jungle out there!  What follows is only a very brief snapshot of what is available; it includes many products we’ve tested over the past year to provide some sort of benchmark. We have tried to cover as  broad a cross-section of brands as possible,  some of them you’ll have heard of, others may not be so familiar. Appologies to any we’ve missed, but it’s up to you to keep us informed! However, in the end you should treat this guide simply as a starting point, and be prepared to do some serious shopping around.


CRADLES/HOLDERS  Make/model                                                ££s   ToFit                            WC %

Allgon Passive Holder/10.800                 8          Micro TAC/Flip   95%

Allgon Telewing/11.500                          18         universal                        85%

Andrew Holder Cup/OH G 100N              11         Micro TAC/Flip   83%

Dextra Holder                                        15         universal                        n/t

Hama Passive Holder/4301                                 20         Micro TAC/Flip   83%

Hama Mobilsafe                                     40         most models                 84%                 

ORA In-Car Holder/NOK2CR                   6          Nokia 2110                    95%

Power Wave Universal                            10         universal                        n/t

Power Wave Holders                              10         most models                 n/t

Vivanco Universal Holder/TGC-3              15         universal                        87%

Vocall CPH 20                                       25         universal                        n/t

Vocall CPT1                                                      9          universal                        n/t



Make/model                                                      ££s       To Fit                            WC%   

Aico Saver-Charger                                            30         most models                 81%     

Allgon Charger Cable                              15         most models                 89%

Andrew Saver Charger                            25         most models                 78%

Andrew Rapid Charger                            35         most models                 89%

Dextra In-Car Chargers                           20         most models                 n/t

Hama 41160                                                      20         most models                 74%

Hama 41171                                                      20         most models                 81%

Ora Power Cord                                     20         most models                 89%

PowerWave Plug-In Charger                    20         Micro TAC/Flip   84%

Power Wave Plug-In Charger                   25         Nokia 2110                    88%

Tech (Tandy) Battery saver                                 10         most models                 n/t

Tech (Tandy) Car Charger                                   24         most models                 n/t

Vivanco Car Adaptor                               10         Micro TAC/Flip   74%

Vivanco Plug-In Adaptor                          20         Micro TAC/Flip   84%

Vocall Saver Chargers                            20         most models                 n/t



Make/model                                                      ££s       To Fit                            WC%               

Andrew Simple Car Kit                           55         Ericsson 237/337           95%

Hama Mobilsafe Activ                             120       Nokia 2110                    75%

Power Wave In Car Holder-Chargers        40         most models                 n/t



Make/model                                                      ££s       To Fit                                        WC%    Allgon 11.103/3                                     120       Ericsson 237/337                       85%

Dextra Hands-Free Car Kits                    80         most models                             n/t

CDM Universal                                       80         universal                                    70%

ORA CTM5                                                        45         Micro TAC/Flip               75%

ORA MTH F5 ‘Travel Talk’                       80         Micro TAC/Flip               90%

Penguin Portable Hands Free kit             35         Ericsson 237/337                       85%

Power Wave Compact Hands Free Kit     50         most models                             n/t

Vocall CHW                                                      100       Micro TAC/Flip/Orange   n/t



Make/model                                                      ££s       To Fit                                        WC%   

Andrew Car Kit                                      230       Micro TAC/Flip               90%

Atec Hands Free Kit                                           170       Micro TAC/Flip               95%

Cymontel Hands-Free Car Kit                  130       Micro TAC/Flip               85%

Ericsson Hands Free Car Kit                   250       Ericsson 337                             n/t

Fourseas SmartTalk                                           195       Mirco TAC/Flip               90%

Nokia Hands Free Car Kit                                   250       Nokia 2110                                n/t

Online Hands-Free Car Kit                                  100       Micro TAC/Flip               95%

Orange Drive & Speak                            380       Motorola Orange                        92%

Ora MTACHF hands-free speakerphone   100       Micro TAC/Flip               85%     

Ora MMCKSTD                                      230       Micro TAC/Flip               n/t

Sony Hands Free Car Kit                                    300       Sony CM-DX1000                       n/t

Vivanco 2110                                                     200       Nokia 2110                                93%




Price -- typical retail price, including VAT. To Fit: specific phone makes/models where shown, otherwise ‘most models’ indicates versions are availale to fit most popular handsets, or ‘universal’ which indicates one size fits all. In all instances cases we strongly reccomend you try before you buy. WC% = What Cellphone rating, n/t = not tested



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