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Havenít heard of you before...

No many people have but D2B or the Domestic Digital Bus, had it taken off, might have been fitted to a wide range of domestic appliances, from toasters to televisions. I was dreamt up by Philips in collaboration with Matsushita, (Panasonicís parent company), and officially launched in 1990.


Tell me more

I was one of a number of so called home bus systems, that appeared in the late 1980s. The idea was that household appliances would communicate with and be controlled by a central home computer. In the automated home you would be able to switch on lights, set the VCR and turn up the heating when you were away, by calling your home PC on the phone.


Did you ever make it past  the drawing board?

I did, and D2B sockets actually appeared on several televisions, and a VCR or two.



Lack of support from the rest of the industry killed me off -- most of them were too busy working on their own home bus systems.  Bits of me live on in the form of various ĎAV Linkí systems, used on Philips, Panasonic, Grundig and Sony TVs and VCRs.



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