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Canít say Iíve heard of you. Something to do with small bicycles perhaps?


Funny guy. DMX stands for Digital Musical eXpress, dozens of CD-quality music channels delivered direct to your living room by satellite.


Sounds great, how do I tune in my dish?


You canít. First off the DMX Europe went down the pan a couple of months back, and even if they hadnít,  you would have had to buy a special receiver, then pay a monthly subscription


You mean it cost money, but I can get zillions of FM radio stations for free!


Yes, but with DMX you could choose a particular genre of music. At one time more than 50 channels were up and running, operating around the clock. There were half a dozen classical channels alone, you could choose from 50's, 60's and 70's classics, Hawaiian, Brazilian and African rhythms, and loads more to come. There was going to be 90 channels by the end of 1997. Subscriptions were selling like hot cakes in Austria, Germany and Switzerland...


Your point being?


Well, the quality was great, you got to see the name of the tune on a little display on the front of the receiver, and there were no DJs or ad breaks. Anyway, in those countries FM radio reception could be really crappy, all those mountains and valleys


So how much was it all going to cost?


Well, if receivers and dishes had actually made it into UK shops they would have cost around £300, and the monthly subscription would have been around £7.00


What went wrong?

DMX did quite well in restaurants and shopping malls, but the public uptake was poor, I guess people just arenít ready to pay for piped music yet


What do you mean, yet..?

Itís going to happen one day, mark my words, one day soon all music will be delivered digitally, you havenít seen the last of me, oh no, my day will come, just you wait and see, audio on demand, heh, heh. Youíll all have to pay, your money will be mine see, there is no alternative. No, wait, Iím not mad, Iíll be back aieee.....



” R. Maybury 1997 2508


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