What DVD 2000 - 2002


What DVD was a spin-off from Home Entertainment and flourished briefly in the early days of DVD, when it was still a bit of a novelty and players were eye-wateringly expensive. Once again I found myself involved with a technology, both as a reviewer and Agony Aunt (‘Dr DVD’) during its most exciting period of development, though this time it was slightly different. Unlike computers, video recorders and camcorders, which took several years to become established consumer products, DVD went from a high-price luxury to a commodity item in the space of just three years. The technology matured in an amazingly short space of time but from a writing point of view it was becoming increasingly difficult to wax lyrical about a succession of near-identical black boxes, often with exactly the same guts, quite obviously all coming from the same factory sometimes selling for £49.99 in supermarkets and £149.99 in hi-fi dealers...

Nevertheless there was always lots of technical problems to sort out and in particular the vexed question of multi-region operation and 'hack' or 'crack' codes for DVD players, so they could play DVDs from the USA. At its peak I was getting several hundred letters and emails a week seeking codes, scores of which appear in the Crack Code Clinic sections of the Dr DVD articles.


Alba DVD-103

Azuda DVD-862

Bush DVD-2002

Bush DVD-2009

Cyberhome ND-212

Denon DVM-3700

Encore DV-450

Harmon Kardon DVD-1

Hitachi DV-W1E

Hitachi DV-P505

JVC XV-523


Lecson DVD-900

LG DVD-3200

Matsui DVD-110

Mico DVD-A980

Nad T550

Nakamichi Soundspace 10


Onkyo DR-90

Panasonic DVD-RV20

Panasonic DVD-RV40

Philips DVD-960

Samsung DVD-811

Sony DVP-CX850

Sony DAV-S300

Sony DVP-F11

Sony DVP-S535

Sony DVP-S735

Toshiba SD-100

Toshiba SD-200

Yelo 800DVD

Buying Budget DVD players

Dr DVD November

Dr DVD December

Regional Coding


Dr DVD January

Dr DVD February

Dr DVD March

Dr DVD April

Dr DVD May

Dr DVD June

Dr DVD July


Dr DVD August

Dr DVD September

Dr DVD October

Dr DVD November

Dr DVD November pt 2

Dr DVD December

Recordable DVD


Aiwa XD-V480

Alba DVD-113

Alba DVD-513

Aria PDVD-2255

Bush DVD-2008

Bush DVD-2023

Bush DVHS1

Cyberhome CH-DVD302

Cyberhome CH-DVD402

Denon DVD-900

Goodmans GDVD-125

Goodmans GDVD-131

Haus H-615L

Hitachi DV-PF2E

Hitachi DV-P315

Hitachi DV-P325

Hitachi DZ-MV230





LG DVD-560

LG DV-1000

LG DVD-5095

Mustek DVD560

Panasonic DVD-XV10

Pioneer DV-S45

Reoc A5

Samsung DVD-H40

Samsung HT-DL100

Samsung DVD-N505


Sanyo HV-DX1

Scan SC-2500

Sony DAV S-400

Sony Picot DVP-PQ1

Sony DVP-NS305

Sony DVP-NS405

Sony DVP-NS705

Teac DV-H550

Thomson Digital Station

Toshiba SD-110

Toshiba SD-220

Toshiba SD-510

Truvox DVD-600

Yamaha DVD-S1200

Zenix Z-615L

DVD/VCR Combi Group Test

Dr DVD January

Dr DVD February

Dr DVD March

Dr DVD April

Dr DVD May

Dr DVD June

Dr DVD July

Dr DVD August

Dr DVD September

Dr DVD September pt 2

Dr DVD October

Dr DVD October pt 2

Dr DVD November

Dr DVD December

Dr DVD December pt 2


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