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I have recently bought a Grundig 620 DVD player which is connected to my Goodmans GTV76WZ 32" widescreen TV. I have used the handset hack detailed in your magazine but I have a bit of a problem with the picture quality of my region 1 discs. Once I set the player to either region one or nine and the video setting is PAL, the actual image is fine but the motion is jerky (presumably the difference between NTSC and PAL). If I change video setting to NTSC or auto then the motion is fine but the image flickers slightly.


Previously I owned a Samsung 709 DVD player, which I could handset hack two different ways. One way was fine but the other resulted in the jerky motion. Is there a different way to hack the Grundig or can you offer any suggestion to cure my problem?

Donny Wooller, via email



I don’t think it has anything to do with the way the player is hacked and incidentally, I would be interested to learn of this ‘alternative’ hack for the Sam 709. There are basically three ways a hacked or chipped DVD player handles a Region 1 NTSC disc. The optimum method, involving the least degredgation to the picture is to replay the disc as-is in NTSC, but this depends on the TV the player is connected to being able to handle a ‘raw’ NTSC signal. Method two, which is bar far thee most common, is for the player to do some partial conversion on the colour components of the video signal and output a 525-line/60Hz video signal, but with PAL colour information, this is known as PAL 60, and it relies on the TV being a fairly recent model and able to display the 525-line picture (which most can, nowadays, thanks to the widespread use of multi-format processing chips). Since the picture is still basically NTSC format motion is unaffected, however, in the third method, where the player converts the NTSC signal into PAL the difference in the number of lines does result in a jerky picture. The picture flicker you mention sounds very much like normal 50Hz picture processing, which is more noticeable on a widescreen display. It may just be that you’re more aware of it when you’re looking for other picture defects. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about that, apart from getting a 100Hz TV.




I bought 'V' the original mini series" thinking it would be the complete series, which I remember from years ago. My first disc came with what I thought was only about half of the series. It was a flipper with 2 parts of 34 and 29 chapters, but only took us to just after they had started to fight back. disc is R2, 189 mins (about half of the series maybe).


I sent the disc back and they (play.com) promptly sent me another disc. unfortunately this was the same. I can definitely remember the visitors being driven away at the end by a biological red dust scattered into the atmosphere by balloons, and also the birth of the hybrid baby, not to mention the lovely Diana trying to "convert" the resistance fighter Julie (sad, I know)...


Have I been duped, is there another disc, or have I just been thinking of something else.

John Ray



No, you haven’t been misled, and your memory is not playing tricks. The mini series ‘V’ was actually a fiver-parter, you have parts one and two, which were the original series, made in 1983, this was followed a year later by the concluding V; The Final Battle three-part series. The two-disc DVD containing parts 3, 4 and 5 has only just gone one sale in the US (mid June), so it may take a while for it to reach us in Region 2 unless you have a R2-capable DVD player, in which case it’s time to pay a visit to your favourite on-line store.





I bought a copy of AI artificial intelligence from HMV in Birmingham. I have a Wharfdale 750 DVD player, the menu screen on disc one comes up and the interview at the end plays but if you click on play the movie the player does not recognise the disc at all and turns off?


I have tried other R2 copies of the disc and still the same problem, yet the movie plays on all other peoples players, even my copy? I have not tried disc 2 to see if the same problem exists. I did mail Time Warner UK and US about this but after two months give up waiting for a reply could you help?

Mark Wood,



No easy answer on this one, it sounds like a dodgy disc, but AI has a reasonably clean bill of health, apart from a clumsily positioned layer change. It’s just possible there’s something wrong with the player though more likely it’s another one of those irritating processing glitches but since the disc plays all the way through you’re unlikely to get much of a reaction from either the disc maker or deck manufacturer, who I suspect will simply blame each other.






I have a Goodmans DVD3500PK and I was wondering if there is a way to convert

it to multi-region playback?

Stuart, via email


We’ll kick off with a simple one, all you have to do is open the disc tray and then enter the code ‘9817’ on the remote, this should reveal a hidden service menu with a region change option (1 to 6 or 9 for all regions), and there’s also a switch for Macrovision, exit the menu and it’s done. Incidentally, you may need to switch to PAL output in the setup menu if your TV cannot handle ‘raw’ NTSC video.



LG 4710

I have just purchased the above DVD to find I can only play Region 2 discs. Is there a code or hack I can use to play multi region DVDs?

Helyna Quartermaine, via email


There is indeed, switch the player on and make sure there’s no disc in the tray, next, press Pause then 314159 on the remote. In the player’s front panel display you should see the word ‘code’, all you have to do now is enter the region number (1 to 6 or 0 for all regions), press the Pause button again and switch the player off, count to ten and switch it back on again.





Please could you send me a region hack code for a Matsui 120, 

L. Morrow, via email


This is another really easy one. On the players front panel pres and hold the Stop, Skip and Open buttons for the count of five, a service menu appears with a Region Change option, enter your choice and exit the menu.




I've bought a home theatre package from Sainsbury's for £220.  It’s a Synn DVHT3080, which contains a Synn DVD8034 and Synn JSP200 speaker system. Can I change the region using the handset?  As a bonus, can Macrovision be removed using the handset too?

Mark Wain, via email










Can a ferguson dvd 400 be hacked to play all regions through the remote?

Keith Pritchard, via email



LG DVD4210

I have recently purchased a standard DVD player as I was told when I bought it that Multi-Region DVD players did not exist in this country due to export issues (ie, getting cheap DVD's from the internet!).


A nice Sales Assistant from HMV told me just last weekend that my LG DVD player, model number DVD4210, is actually capable of playing multi-region DVD's if a specific code is entered.


Would you be able to help me find this code or tell me which one of your back issues I could find it in?

Chyrelle Mitchell, via email





I was given this address by a friend who told me that you could give a code to put into my dvd player to make it multi regional. the make of my player








I would be very grateful,if you could send me a code to make,

these models into multi region: 40

colin cummings, via email





I have just bought a Toshiba SD 110E, with a no knowledge of restrictions, I now realise I can't play Region 1 discs. Can you tell me how I can play Region 1 discs?

Uday Thakkar





I bought your magazine (June 2002) and got all excited when I saw on the cover about conversions to region one. When I got home and read it, my machine wasn't listed. I have a Panasonic A360EB-K, is there any chance you have a hack for it?

Mactitus, via email





I read JVC model XV-S42your article on crack codes in issue 37 of what DVD. but I nosiest that you did not have any cracks for JVC in particular the JVC model XV-S42. I was wondering if you could send me the codes or a web site I could get it from, if you now of any?

James Hough







I have a Samsung DVD-907, which a friend gave to me whilst I was in America. It is a US machine. I am now living in London and would like to be able to play European disks to a PAL TV. Is it possible to hack this machine? I saw your reply to a letter on the Samsung DVD-M105, but this machine has a rocker switch for Play/Stop so doesn't work.

Simon Buckingham, via email






I wonder could you help me please. I am trying to find out if the type of DVD

that I have got can be converted to play all regions by code or has it got to

be chipped?

Paul, via email







I bought this DVD/VCR combi for reasons of space.  Do you know if there are any ways of making it multi region? I seem to be able to pull up a screen of regional codes but there does not seem to be any way to change them.

Mike Wilson, via email





Can you give me any hack info on the Sony DVP-S735? I actually have the SE Asian model (DVP-S745D) but I know it's basically the same.

Jon C, via email







( R. Maybury 2002, xx









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