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I was hoping you could suggest a suitable glue to repair one of my DVDs. Unlike a recent letter, my disc seems to be splitting into two discs from the centre. This has not yet reached the metalised part so I am looking for glue that will not do more harm than good!

Nigel Briggs


Once a DVD or any optical disc for that matter has started to ‘delaminate’ there’s nothing you can do about it and it will quickly become unplayable as the reflective layer is exposed to the atmosphere. You should take it back to wherever you bought it from and ask for a replacement, even if it’s more than a year old as this is not a warranty issue but a very obvious manufacturing fault.



Who decides what Films are to be made into DVDs? Is there a possibility that the film `Hawks', starring Timothy Dalton & Janet McTeer ever coming out on DVD? It's about Two Terminally ill patients having a last fling in Amsterdam, a very good film with Abba music from time to time. I have it on Video, but it would be nicer still on DVD.

Philip Dutfield, via email


Movie companies and distributors often move in mysterious ways but always with a keen eye on the bottom line. You can take it as read that films are released when they’re judged to have a chance of making the company a profit. Hawks was made in 1988 and released on VHS a few months later and then it was deleted, presumably because it was a flop. Transferring a movie to DVD can be an expensive business and while Mr Dalton obviously has a loyal fan base it’s unlikely there’s enough of a market to justify the cost. Of course there’s always the chance it’ll be released if he suddenly becomes a hot property again and it’s worth keeping an eye on the Region 1 releases, which delve much deeper into back catalogues, but don’t hold your breath.




I bought a copy of The Bounty, just released on DVD. It plays okay on my computer, but a warning note comes up saying "Video Standards mismatch ... video playback to the external TV will not display".   When I play it on my Sony DVD player through the TV, it is in black and white. Can you explain this?

Les Sheehan, via email


You didn’t mention which PC or laptop you are using but the usual reason for that kind of error message is that the computer’s video output is configured for displaying Windows and Windows applications. DVD replay utilises a completely different set of the PCs video processing and display resources – in other words some DVD players are not Windows applications as such – so the PC’s video output cannot handle it.

As for the black and white playback, I confess I’m puzzled. The only explanation I can think of -- assuming that your Sony player produces a normal colour picture with other discs -- is that there’s a problem with your disc or that you’ve unwittingly bought a Region 1 copy and it’s playing back in NTSC, which your TV is unable to process.




Late last year I bought myself a DVD player, and to help me find the DVD's of my interest I began buying your magazine, which I have found to contain loads of interesting information.  My main interest lies in sci-fi films and the Star Trek and Stargate SG-1 series, most of which I have on video format. I recently began acquiring the Stargate series on DVD but have come across a problem. Volume 1 of the series comprises of the very first Stargate SG-1 episode entitled 'Children of the Gods - the Next Mission’, together with episodes (they call them 'Missions') 19, 20 & 21, the last three episodes of series one. Volume 2 in the sequence begins series 2 and I cannot find any DVD with the missing missions from series one. Did these episodes ever get issued in DVD format? Your help would be much appreciated. My second query (Sorry to go on a bit) concerns the film 'Virus' starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Do you know of a release date on DVD format for this film? I believe it is already available in Area 1 on DVD.

A Marshall, via email


I’m afraid you are going to have to buy a new player, or get your machine chipped or hacked for region 1 playback. The missing episodes did make it onto DVD but only in Region 1. The Stargate SG-1 Season One Boxed Set is a 5 DVD package and is currently selling for around $70 on amazon.com. Virus, as you have already discovered is also only available in R1 format and as far as I can ascertain there are no immediate plans to release these titles in Region 2.





LG 3000E

My friend has a LG 3000E DVD player, which he wants to play region 1

films. He was thinking of buying a new player for this purpose. But I was

wondering if there is a crack code for this machine?

Alan. Watts, via email




LG DVD4710

I've just bought a LG DVD4710 player from Argos, and I wondered if you knew of any multi-region hacks for this model? I'd be most pathetically grateful...

Iain Martin, via email


We'll discuss the many ways Iain and Alan Watt's friend can show their gratitude later (they mostly involve fine single malt whisky...). On both machines begin by switching the play on and make sure no disc is loaded. On the handset press Stop, Pause, 314159 and your current region code should be shown on the player's front panel display. Enter 1 to 6 or 0 for all region replay and finish off by pressing Pause, switch off, count to five and switch back on again.




I have recently bought a Samsung SV-DVD1E combi and was wondering if you have a crack for said player? The codes you published in issue 37 for the Samsung M105 didn't work. Can you help?

Lee Varrechia, via email


That's odd because I have it on good authority that the M105 hack does work. Have another go, and don't forget you have to carry out the Cold Start first. Switch off, then on again and hold down the Play and Stop buttons, on the language selection menu that appears choose English. Next, press Repeat then 38767. You current region (i.e. 2) should appear on the screen and you now enter the new region number, 1 to 6 or 9 for all region replay. To store the new setting press Open then Standby. To get the machine back to Region 2 from Region 1 substitute the code 29334.




I have bought an Oritron DVD-1030 and would really like to have the hack code so that I can play American format DVDs

J. H.W.James, Kidwilly, Dyfed


Nice easy one this, on your player's remote handset press the Menu button then enter the code 167. Press the Mute button for all-region replay, or 1 to 6 for a specific region and then OK to store




I've got a cheap and cheerful Proline DVD-1000. I have been told there is a hack to get it to play Region 1 discs, without having to get it chipped. Can you help?

Mrs P Bassett, Tamworth, Staffs



This one only takes a few moments, open the disc tray and load a R1 disc, but don't close the drawer just yet. On the remote handset key in 0123 then Play. If you want to get it back to Region 2 only replay open the disc draw and press Zoom and Return. The player should go into Standby mode and when you switch it back on again it should have reverted to its factory defaults.




My Matsui DVD-120 will only play Region 2 DVDs, I was wondering whether you had a crack code for this machine?

E. Riley, Bradford


I do indeed and this is what to do. On the player's front panel press and hold the Stop, Skip and Open buttons for about five seconds and a hidden service menu should appear and you can release the buttons. You can now change the region code using the cursor buttons on the handset. Switch off and the setting will be stored




I bought your mag last month and got all excited when I saw on the cover about conversions to region 1. When I got home and read it, my machine wasn't listed. Typical of my luck! I have a Hitachi P505E, is there any chance you have a hack for my machine?



I do, but I have to warn you that it's not one of your run of the mill handset hacks. This one involves upgrading the player's firmware and in order to do that you will need to download a file from the Internet onto a PC, 'unzip' it and burn it onto a CD-ROM, which you load into your player. Once the upgrade has been carried out you can change the region lock by pressing Setup, Last, Skip/Previous, Skip/Next and the region set menu should now appear. If all that sounded like a load of gobbledegook, or you haven't got the necessary kit then this procedure is probably not for you. If you want to know more have a look at the following web site: http://www.theironduke.plus.com/





I have a Dansai 852 DVD player, which I've been told can be converted to play DVDs from any region. Is this true, and if so, how does one do it (words of one syllable for non-techies please)?

J. Coultham, via email


It is true and you'll be pleased to know it's especially difficult. Press the Setup button on the remote handset then go to the player's front panel and press the following keys: Stop, Previous, Next. If all's well a service menu should appear. Using the cursor buttons on the handset select regions 1 to 6 or Bypass for all region replay.  Exit the menu, switch the player off and back on again and the job's done.




Please could you tell me if there is a region 1 hack for a Cyberhome AD-N212 DVD player? I would be most chuffed.

John Yates, via email


What you get up to in the privacy of your own home is of no concern to me but I can help you with your other little problem. Open the disc drawer and press 76 SEL on the remote, the secret setup menu will now appear on the screen and you can change to region codes 1 to 6 or 13 for all-region playback. Exit the menu and it's good to go.





I have recently bought a Phillips DVD622 and have available to me a large collection of Region One disc, which I am unable to play.  I know this is a reasonably new player and wondered if you have come across a hack to enable me to play other region discs or will I have to stick with Region 2? Ian, via email


In order to use this hack you will need an OneForAll 4 or 5 'universal remote control'.  Configure the OFA first by entering setup code 0539 and press the Magic button. Point it at the DVD and press 085. If it has worked the player's front panel display should be showing a row of 11 dashes. Now switch to the player's own remote and enter the following code: 222 222 005 255, then press the Play button. If it has worked you should see No Disc on the screen, switch the player off, count ten and switch back on again.






There are rumblings coming from inside the DVD manufacturing industry that there could be a crackdown on ‘unlicensed’ players. For the past eighteen months the market has been flooded with cheap players, many of them made in China and most of them with disabled or easily hacked region locks. Members of the DVD forum have become increasingly concerned about the impact these players, which are not produced under licence, are having on the market and Philips has published a web site  (www.licensing.philips.com/), warning dealers and importers of potential problems with patent infringements and the possibility of delays or seizures of unlicensed players by Customs officials.




If your DVD player is set to all region replay you may well have been experiencing problems with discs containing RCE (region code enhancement) data. This is a simple set of commands on the disc that checks to see if the player is set to Region 1 only playback, if not it displays a warning message saying that ‘This disc is intended for play on non-modified players’. The usually solution is to change the player to region 1 only replay but this isn’t always possible, however, there are a number of workarounds that will allow the disc to play on some machines. Try playing a non-RCE disc first, then without switching the play off swap it for the RCE coded disc. Method two, the warning message is simply a ‘branch’ on the disc menu without any navigation controls to allow you to exit, however, a lot of players will allow you to jump from the warning message to a chapter on the disc, using the players title or chapter selection keys. However, don’t return to the main menu or it will lock up again.




No hacks I’m afraid this month for the following readers and their players: Richard Clarke (Sony DVPNS300), Lola Sanwo (Pioneer DV-525), James Whitam (Pioneer DV-737), Jagger (Samsung MAX-DN55), Roger Tegg (JVC-XV-522), Hannaby (Aiwa DVR-120), David Comber (Toshiba SD-110), Andy Philips (Aiwa XR-DV700), Mark McKay (Sharp DV-740), Jem Tugwell (Sony DVP-S3361), Julie Matthews (Sharp DV-600) and Gerard (Panasonic DVD-RV31). As usual I’m only too happy to be proved wrong so if anyone has a crack for any of these machines please drop me a line at the usual address and I’m sure the editor can come up with a suitable small reward for your trouble (be warned, they will be tested…).





Ó R. Maybury 2002, 2103






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