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3D video from any camcorder? It sounds too good to be true…



The idea is simple, fit this strange-looking gizmo to the front of your camcorder, shoot a movie then watch it on any TV whilst wearing the special glasses and hey presto, real 3D. It actually works, but there's a catch… Well, there had to be didn't there? Actually there are several catches! You need to be really determined since it's a lot of hard work to set it all up, but it will fit just about any machine with a tripod mount. However the real problem is that it's almost impossible to watch for more than a few minutes at a time. Heaven knows what it does to your brain. Seriously, if you suffer from epilepsy or any condition aggravated by flashing lights give it a very wide berth.


Mind you, the way it works is clever. The big box contains a set of mirrors and a pair of LCD panels or 'shutters' that alternately switch between clear and dark in response to a timing signal extracted from the camcorder's video output. The mirrors create two images, an eye's width apart that goes into the camcorder lens. The LCD panels switch on and off alternately, 25 times a second, so what ends up on the tape is two slightly different views of the scene. When you replay the tape the video signal goes from the camcorder, into a little box and on to the TV. Special viewing glasses plug into the box (you get two pairs), they're fitted with a pair of LCD shutters, the panels go clear and dark in synchrony with what's on the tape, so each eye sees a slightly different view, creating a 3D or stereoscopic image.


The trouble is the system has to work within the constraints of domestic TV and video. The pictures sequence at an unacceptably slow rate – 25 times a second – and whilst the effect is fairly good the flashing will quickly drive you potty. The widget on the front is large and unwieldy and a swine to fit to some machines. It's a great idea and fun to experiment with but we can think of several other things we'd rather spend £400 on…



Make/model                              NU-VUEW 3-D CAMCORDER ADAPTOR

Guide Price                               £400

Features                                   Optical 3D adaptor and fitting kit, 2 pairs 3D viewing glasses, control unit and mains adaptor, leads



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