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Yes, we know itís corny but our Christmas Gift Guide has become something of a tradition at Video Camera. It also gives us the opportunity to look back at some of the weird, wacky, and sometimes wonderful accessories and gadgets that have graced these pages over the past year. Hereís the pick of the best, the oneís that we reckon any video movie-maker would be pleased to find in his or her stocking on Christmas morning...





(Under £300...)

* Itís just about the cutest little 9-inch colour TV weíve ever seen, itís the excellent little Grundig P27-649\12 and itíll work on almost any power source, including car batteries, and mains supplies from 110 to 240 volts 50\60Hz. It has a super-sensitive tuner, on screen display, child lock, and is upgradeable to fastext. What makes it especially interesting for video movie-makers is the front-mounted AV terminal, with S-Video input, so it would make an excellent edit monitor as well.


(Under £1300...)

* How about giving that special someone in your life a Nokia SFN-7296, to really show your appreciation? This 28-inch 16:9 TV is the first one in the UK to have a PALplus decoder, which means youíll be able to watch some of Channel 4ís yuletide offerings in all their widescreen glory. Mind you, that shouldnít wonít take long, thereís only going to be a few hours of PALplus programming over the Christmas period. C4 couldnít tell us if thereís any PALplus programmes on Christmas day but dropped a broad hint that horse-racing on Boxing day (letterboxing day....?), may be in widescreen, and theyíll be showing the movie Blue Steel in PALplus on January 2nd).  That will give the lucky recipient plenty of time to play with this setís extraordinary on-screen display system and enjoy lots of movies using its Pro-Logic surround sound decoder.



(up to £100)

Batteries -- camcorder owners just canít get enough of them. Mind you, if you get them one of Duracellís nickel metal hydride packs they wonít have to carry so many around with them. Not only are they smaller than equivalent nicads, they should last longer too as theyíre less affected by the dreaded memory effect.


(£100 plus)

* Two tripods caught our eye during the year. Theyíre the remarkable Benbo Trekker, with more joints than a Greatful Dead concert, and itís smaller brother, the Benbo 3. Both of them can get camcorders into places you wouldnít beleive...


* Video movie-makers with IBM PC compatible computers and a Sony (or any Control-L equipped camcorder) would love to get a copy of Video Director. Itís a computer program that turns any reasonably recent PC into a sophisticated edit controller. Youíll be doing yourself a favour too, with a bit of luck you wonít have to sit through any more long, boring home videos...



(£5.00 or less)

* Hama Mini Tripod -- one of our favourite accessories of 94, and it only costs a fiver. This tiny little tripod is and ideal support for palmcorders and small compacts, yet it will slip into a trouser or shirt pocket.



* Fuji ME Position -- a great tape for Hi8 users, cheap enough for everyday use, so why not buy them a multipack?


* Teach Yourself The Camcorder -- yes, the camcorder book of Ď94 written by none other than our own illustrious editor Chris George, so make someone happy (and Chris too....)  with this definitive guide to video movie-making.


(£20 and up)

* Sony Hi8 Master  -- if you know someone whoís got a serious Hi8 camcorder then this is the tape they would probably buy for themselves for those really special one-off video movies.





R. Maybury 1994 2510




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