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I have had a Sony Hi8 CCD-V800E for about 3 years.  When using it indoors at night the picture was very red, so I altered the white balance as per the instruction book and got a very good picture.  When I use the camera outside the colours are not bright - red is not bright enough and grass is a brownish colour.  I have done what the instruction book says but canít get it back to the original colouring which was very natural.


G. Pearson

Yarm, Cleveland



I am thinking of buying a camcorder but as we are going to live in Jamaica in a few years time Iím wondering about playing tapes from a camcorder I buy here, as over there the TV runs on the same system as the USA


I understand that you can now buy video recorders that are dual system - would the tapes made be able to be played on that type of video recorder?  If so, which would be the best type of camcorder to buy?


P. Chamberlain

Cowes, I.o.W.


I have read many articles over the years about editing but little about the sound aspect of editing.  I have lots of 8mm video films taken on my Sony TR105.  I use my Sony EVC 3VCR for editing purposes.


I wish to retain a lot of the original sound, but wish to superimpose a commentary so that the completed VHS cassette can be used on both a stereo and mono VCR.  If I use audio insert on the Sony 715 VCR I lose the original sound where the commentary is inserted when playing back on mono VCR.


So far Iíve played the edited VHS video on a Panasonic NV 730 VCR and re-recorded through the processor on the Sony 715 stereo VCR.  By this method I can feed in and mix a commentary pre-recorded on a Sony stereo reel-to-reel tape recorder with the original camera recorded sound. 


Is there an easy way to put sound on sound on the first edited VHS after editing the video part of it without making a second generation video?


P. Diprose

Ightham, Kent



On returning from the States I purchased the NTSC model Panasonic PV IQ504.  The battery for this is Panasonic PV-BB17 - could you tell me if this battery can be purchased here?  What is the least expensive way to put these tapes on a PAL system?


J. Hall

Seaton, Devon



I recently heard of Gold Diskís Video Director 2.0 editor and was wondering if it would be compatible with my 486DX 2-50 PC and Panasonic NV G101B camcorder.  I would also like to know what extra hardware I might need to carry out simple editing tasks. 


I would be very grateful of you could help me.


L. Christine

Cupar, Fife



I quite understand the explanation of why insert edit or audio dub canít generally be used with 8mm and Hi8 tapes. 


If the great majority of camcorder taped material made on Hi8 finishes up on full size VHS cassettes for more universal viewing, canít an audio dub or insert edit be done on the VHS tape after, say, ideally the first copying from such as Hi8?  At the moment I believe that an insert edit couldnít be performed on any material copied from Hi8 onto VHS tape as the played-back source should include original sounds also, being inevitably recorded along with an inserted picture.


However, once the original signals from a Hi8 camcorder were transferred to VHS tape, couldnít an insert edit then be made if using another VHS source?  Iíd always thought that copies from Hi8 to VHS would accommodate audio dub and insert edit because of the signalís Ďnew formatí home but not having had any practical experience of using 8mm or Hi8 video, Iím not so sure.


A. Scupham




I have a Panasonic NV S7B camcorder together with a Panasonic NV-FS90 HQ VCR.  If I use S-VHS tapes in the camera and record in that mode and then put this through my S-VCR can I then play the recorded tape onto another VCR which is not S-VHS?


P. Avory

Grantham, Lincs




I have recently bought my first camcorder, a Ferguson Pro 8 230 which Iím really pleased with.


I then started buying the magazine and noticed that my beloved Ferguson bore a remarkable likeness to the Samsung VPU 10.  At first I was horrified and even felt cheated, until I read the test report on the Samsung.  This eased my concerns as it was a favourable report.  I then learned about clones and value for money alternatives. 


I would be most grateful to know who actually makes my camcorder and whether or not there are any differences between the two.


D. Young

Barrhead, Glasgow



I plan to purchase a camcorder in the near future and wish to know the answer to the following, which was prompted by the answer given in the April issue of Steve Parkerís answer to the question of recording snow scenes, that the use of the BLC function will enable scenes to be correctly recorded.  Does this apply to all recorders and also to white sand scenes?  I note that some recorders have a Programme Exposure mode for this. e.g. the Canon E700.  Does any other recorder have that function?


L. Dean

Horndean, Hants



I am trying to obtain decent quality photos from a Video Colour printer with little success.  I have used a Sharp video cam 8mm, also a Sony Hi 8 as I want photos direct through the camera and printer.


Could you give me any information on this?  Do I need a special camera or lighting?


M. Brown

Trusthorpe, Lincs



I have had my Canon E60 for 3 years now and have always had battery problems.  My 1000mAh batteries have never lasted more than 10 minutes although I have always discharged using a discharger and charged as per instructions.


After reading the advertisement for the DSM Ultimate in your magazine I thought this would be the answer.  However, although I only used the zoom manually, just over 30 minutes is all I can achieve.


I must admit that I expected much more than half an hour after reading the advert.  Am I expecting too much, or is the E60 very heavy on batteries?


B. James

Weymouth, Dorset



You usually ascribe picture instability and bent verticals to weak sync, signals but I am uncertain of the difference between and purpose of, sync. signal/pulse, timebase signal and colour burst.  Can you please clarify.


My problem is an intermittent jump on the change from 1 scene to another.  The effect resembles a bad joint in a cine film going through the projector gate and occurs after assembling from 8mm onto VHS tape.


No jumps ever occur during assembly and replay of the VHS tape using a Panasonic J35 VCR and a Philips 14CE1201 TV.  Occasional jumps occur when replaying on a Panasonic J45 VCR and Sony KVA2922U TV.


Re-assemble the same scenes again and the jumps may or may not occur at the same scene change points as in the first assembly.  Frame analysis of the tapes shows no glitches.


If the TV sensitivity is the likely answer, can any reasonable cure be effected?


D. Hughes

New Barnet, Herts



I own a Sony Hi 8 TR705E camcorder and during a recent holiday it was loaded with a Sony Hi 8 metal E 120 tape.  There were no apparent problems when videoing, but on play back (direct from camera to TV with phono connections) at the start of each new shot I was getting a distorted picture and losing colour.


Fortunately, I had enough footage to edit out these blemishes on the tape when copying to the VCR tape.  However, when rewinding the Hi 8 tape in the camera for the 3rd time, it jammed with some of the tape coming out of the cassette.


I subsequently used a 90 minute tape without any problems which would appear to indicate that the fault is not in the camera.


Your advice would be most appreciated


John Burrows

Wanganui, N.Z.



My present equipment consists of a Panasonic NVM10B camcorder and a Mitsubishi HSB31.  As I now have the experience to use higher grade products I am considering buying a Panasonic NVMS 4 camera and a Panasonic NVS 1000B VCR.  If I do so will I be able to edit material from the 1000B to the Mitsubishi which only has one Scart socket or will I need to buy a more modern VCR as well as the 1000B?


What I want to do is to make copies from S-VHS to VHS and add titles as well as edit.  Will I need to buy a separate video titler and a new TV set?


In fact the more I look at the various options and become more and more bewildered, Iím very tempted to say *** it and go and buy a new car!


D. Simmonds

Bath, Avon





I am interested in how TV companies produce their programmes, especially which video cameras/tape systems are used.


What are the differences between the cameras used for news reports, etc., and studio use?


Are there publications that are more directed to professional video makers?


J. Lewis

D-83075 Bad Feilnbach, Germany



Since first seeing still frames on a pro-wedding video I have been trying the technique.  My results have not been very good.


I purchased a Sony TR 2000 which it is claimed has perfect still frame.


I am getting severe pulling of picture at the top when copying onto S-VHS and VHS tape.  I returned the camcorder to the supplier with the complaint Ďno still frame.í  In my presence the engineer got a reasonable picture on a small monitor TV by shuttling the tape back and forth with the remote control.  I can do the same but still get the pulling and lines at the bottom when I try to copy onto the larger format.


When I read the Sony blurb - Ďperfect still frameí I thought it would be just what I wanted: am I expecting too much?


K. Norman

Huddersfield, W. Yorks



I have been using a Sony V100E camcorder and a Philips VR747 for insert editing to VHS but I am not too happy about frequent usage of the RFU adapter on the Sony.  The local agent says that the AVN-T515V accessory lead is no longer available so when my son offered me the use of his Sanyo VM-EX26P with programmable edit I thought I was in for any easy time, but...


The Sanyo EX26P LANC terminal and the edit terminal on the Philips VR747 are both 2.5mm stereo sockets but when connected, they wonít talk to each other.  I understand that synchro-edit uses simple high/low logic switching levels, whereas the LANC signals also contain counter information.


Having in mind the possibility of making an interface or using my BBC/B as controller, could you please supply information on the timing signals used by LANC and synchro-edit?  The EX26P has an 8 pin remote socket but thereís no reference to it in the manual.  Could this, with a suitable cable, be used to advantage or is it a hard wire substitute for the IR remote?


A. Farmer

Maybush, Southampton







I am considering buying the Samsung VPU12, Sony TR350 or the Canon UC100 (although the price is a little above my budget).  Or, do I wait to see the specification and appraisal for the new Sanyo EX220 and EX370 - is there another model I should consider?


The reason for my letter is simply which camcorders should be on my short list?  Iím looking for good picture definition and the majority of features which should be considered a must.  I doubt if I shall do any editing.


G. Harris

Verwood, Dorset



I prefer to have a little more information, such as what you want to use it for, but of the models youíve mentioned






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