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Security Installer (SI), European Security Installer (ESI) and Professional Security Installer (PSI) are three of a number of security industry trade magazines that I have written for over the years and I'm including them in my archive because of the huge amount of interest in video surveillance. I have been discretely reviewing video surveillance equipment for more than twenty-five years, since the days when CCTV cameras were the size of shoeboxes and still a comparatively rare sight…


The speed at which surveillance technoogy has progressed has been incredible, matched only by developments in consumer electronics though quite often the CCTV industry led the way. Advances like network or IP cameras, digital image processing and recording were pioneered in the surveillance market, indeed the one of the earliest commercial hard disc based digital video recorders I reviewed (Geuterbruck Multiscope) was back in 1995, more than five years before devices like TiVo and SKY+ appeared in the shops.


Back in the mid 1990s I recall writing that the average UK citizen going about their lawful occasions was seen by an average by more than 300 cameras every day. I was amused to see this same figure mentioned recently in a newspaper article about CCTV. I suspect the number has more than doubled by now.


My insight into video surveillance technology allows me to play a game I’ve invented called spot-the-camera. Recently, in my local building society branch I counted no less than 15 cameras, half a dozen were meant to be seen by the public, the others were all covert, keeping watch on both customers and staff.


I have had to be a little selective in the choice of material in this archive; one or two manufacturers and institutions wouldn’t thank me for including some of their more exotic wares, which they prefer to remain under wraps. The archive begins in 1993 but this is due to an ongoing problem I’m having with early material, which is stored on older disc formats and paper but eventually I will get around to including this material as well.


GYYR S16-TDS time-lapse VCR & Switcher

ESI - Line Fed Systems

Mitsubishi Melguard II System


Philips LDH 5605/00 controller/switcher

Pulnix TM-520 mono camera

Sony SPT-M102CE mono camera


Technology Update

Improving your image

Baxall VS82 Video Switcher


Panasonic WV-CS300 PTZ camera

Sony SSC-C158P colour camera

Vista VPM-3130 mono camera


Computar YC-05 colour camera

Computar DPLEX 16 multiplexer

Dedicated Micros 4 Plex-QK Multiplexer

Geuterbruck Multiscope

GYYR DQ88CX colour quald switcher

PSI Grundig uP CAM system

Hitachi VK-C220E colour camera


HTC-383 low light mono camera

JVC TK-C600 colour camera

Mitsubishi CCD-200E colour camera

Philips VSS8250 Pro-Vision System

Robot Optima II MV216 Multiplexer

Sanyo SRT-500P time-lapse VCR

Silent Witness M60 colour camera


Auora V816DC-NP Colour Muliplexer

Baxall CD9252/9312 colour/mono cameras

Computar CPLEX 16M VIision Multiplexer

Cyclops Multi-image Field Store

Dedicated Micros Sprite DX9 Multiplexer

Domineye TV Watchdog

JVC TK-C1380 digital colour camera

Panasonic WV-BP310/BP510 mono cameras

Philips TL720R time lapse VCR

RACAL AM1601 Audio Multiplexer

Sanyo TLS-S2500P S-VHS time-lapse VCR

Witness CCD Observation system

PSI BBV telemetry system



PSI Digi-Spec DS-1 motion detectors

PSI Focus CCTV Observation system

PSI GBC AVS8 AV switcher

PSI GYYR TLC1800-MC16X time-lapse VCR

PSI Hitachi CPM 2104 21-inch monitor

PSI Intellisense IV 380-C mono camera

PSI Mitsubishi CP700E colour printer

PSI Montage CD24 Multiplexer

PSI Philips VSS3280 Pro-Vision system

PSI Primary Image video tracker

PSI Rainbow MGE zoom lens

PSI SONY SSM-14N1E colour monitor

PSI Tektronix Test Instruments


AVE Multiview 4C Multiplexer

Appro MPX 9104 mono multiplexer

Direct DTV-552 mono camera

JVC TM-1700PN-K video monitor

Mitsubishi CCD-400E colour camera

Panasonic AG-TL700 time-lapse VCR

Panasonic WV-CS600 mini-dome camera

Pelco Spectra Dome

Philips TL24R Time Lapse VCR

Rapidvision Phone line trasnmission system

Sony SSC-DC50P colour camera

Telecam CCTV Camera system


Vantage CC620DC colour camera

Vicon Surveyor dome camera

PSI Computar CS Telemetry controller

PSI Computar DP16 Multiplexer

PSI Focus CCTV system

PSI Philips TL24R time lapse VCR

PSI DSR 1252mono camera

PSI YC-09 colour camera

PSI JVC TK-C1360 colour camera

PSI Sony SSC-C108P colour camera

PSI Ultimate CCD-HR-2230P colour camera

PSI Vicon Surveyor dome camera


Appro Technology BV7105 mono camera

Baxall ZMX+CT16M4 Colour Multiplexer

Baxall CDSP 9713 & 9752 cameras

Dennard Type 2000 Pan/Tilt Head

Ernitech Integrated camera unit

FOR.A FSC-80E Frame sequence controller

Ikegami ICD-36E/503P B/W & colour cameras

JVC SR-L910EK 24-Hr time lapseVCR

JVC TK-C675 PTZ Colour Camera

Mythos MY4000Q, Quad Observation system


Norbain Vista NPX16e multiplexer

Omnieyes Video Transceiver

Panasonic WV-CPR650 mono camera

Primary Image Digital Video Recorder

Primary Image Video Tracker

PSI Canon TF2812D TF0412D TF0813D

PSI Apro Insight Video Alarm & Control

GYYR Digiscan Pro DSP-16C multiplexer

PSI Philips TL24, 24-hr time lapse VCR


AV Sharecam Wireless Camera System

Cameo video multiplexer

Dedicated Micros System Sprite multiplexer

Direct DTV 567F camera

Ernitec Varicam

Ganz LC-P36A/LCH-C36A cameras

Hitachi VK-C319E colour camera

ITL Easi-Plex 16 Colour Multiplexer

Panasonic AG-TL500 time lapse VCR

Silent Witness SWC40 camera-recorder


Vantage CC650DC colour camera

Video Wave wireless trasnmission system

Vista Columbus Multiplexer & DVR

PSI Baxall CDSP 9742 mono camera

PSI Dennard CPX 1600 multiplexer

PSI JVC SR-9240 time lapse VCR

PSI Sanyo MPX-CD16P multiplexer


PSI Vicon Surveyor dome camera

PSI Vicon Surveyor 99 mini dome


8 X 8 RSM-1600 remote surveillance module


Hitachi CPX1498MS colour monitor

JVC TK-C553 mini dome camera

Merit LI-LIN PIH-7030H Super Eye camera

Philips LTC 0500/0600 mono/colour cams

Plettac FAC 838 IS colour camera

Sony SSC-DC50AP colour camera

Sprite Lite SLDX4C multiplexer

Voltek Spectrum CCTV System

PSI AVE VSI PRO, video serial interface


PSI DM Sprite Lite Multiplexer

PSI JVC VN-C3U Network camera

PSI JVC TK-C1380 colour camera

PSI Philips LTC 0825/11 Autodome camera

PSI Philips LTC 2682/90VIDEO multiplexer

PSI Sanyo DTL-4800P DVR

PSI Sanyo VCC-6975P colour camera

PSI Vicon Kollector KOL-4000 system

PSI Vista PVD1700E colour monitor




Appro MPX-9016 16-channel multiplexer

Baxall CDX 9714 colour camera

Farfisa Observation Kit

JVC TM-H140PN colour monitor

NVT Active & Passive UTP Transceivers

Opticam CCTV system


Panasonic  AG-DTL1 Time-lapse DVR

Pelco ES31C Esprit integrated camera

Sanyo VCC-6572P colour camera

Ultrak Rugged KD6 dome camera

Videte IT DTS 800 triplex HDD DVR

Vista Columbus VDGHDe DVR


Aspro Netwave DVR

Eneo Candid Junior VHP-1 & VHP-2 cameras

JVC TK-C676 dome camera

Merit Li-Lin PIH-7728PW dome camera

Molynx Vidmech 6000 telemetry controller

Pelco Spectra III SE dome camera

Plettac Sentio DVR


Samsung SDN-520 Day/Night camera

Sony SSC-CX18VP colour camera

Tecsec Cable Equalisation & Launch amps

Titan Dome Camera

Vicon Aurora DVR

Visimetrics Pathfinder video motion detector

Vista VC16Te Columbus Triplex












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