FUTURE HOME 2002-2003


Future Home was a bold and innovative attempt to make sense of the wealth of technology now available to the consumer. It should have been a big success, the timing was right, it looked great but it was built on very shaky foundations and folded after just a few issues, leaving a lot of journalists -- me included -- seriously out of pocket. Nevertheless, it was great fun to write for and the sheer range of topics covered ensured that there was always something new and exciting to write about, from robots to home security.


Plasma TV Group Test

Home Security

Samsung & LG Plasma TV Test


Home Automation

DVD VCR Combi Group Test

INetwork Cameras IP Surveillance


Robots in the Home

Sony SNC-RZ30 Network Camera

Monitored Alarm Systems

Home Surveillance Cameras

Garden Technology


Home Office Solutions

Network Cameras

Wi-Fi Product Profiles

Hitachi 42PD3000 Plasma TV

Hitachi CP-X885


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