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Soon after its launch in 1997 Computer Video quickly became established as the leading magazine for camcorder enthusiasts who wanted to take their movie-making the next level -- editing video footage on a PC. This was a bold venture -- remember back then we were all still using Windows 95 on 486 processors --  only the fastest machines could cope with such a demanding application and you needed to be something of an expert to get the often flaky software and hardware to work. Computer Video prospered during those early pioneering days thanks to the tireless efforts of the founding editor Bob Crabtree. Unfortunately the magazine is no more, it closed without warning in 2004, but it has arisen again on the web where Bob and his colleagues at Computer host a lively forum for those interested in video editing and DVD authoring. I wrote for many of the early issues reviewing hardware -- including more monitors than I care to remember.. -- and a fair variety of software and editing systems. In recent  years the magazine became a lot more specialist and I was less involved. Nevertheless. It was and continues to be an exciting field and another reminder of how far PCs and digital technology has progressed in such a short time.  


Antivirus software

Casablanca video editing system

PC Cleaner and uninstaller utilities

Desktop Q&A

Videotrope editing package

Panasonic TX-D14L31 Panaflat LC40 LCD

HP Scanjet 5P flatbed scanner


Upgrade your PC

JVC GV-PT2 video printer


Picture It & Live Pix image editors

Sony DHR-1000 DVC VCR

Snappy Video Digitizer

Panasonic NV-DX1, Sony VX1000 digicams

Panasonic NV-DS5 digicam

Panasonic NV-DCF1 Card Shot still cam

Group Test 17- 21-inch PC monitors

MGI Videowave edit software

Matrox Rainbow Runner capture card


Antivirus software

Arcsoft Zipshot video capture

ADI & Hitachi 17 & 19 inch monitors

Berlinea 10 70 40, 17-inch Monitor

Berlinea 10 80 15, 21-inch Monitor

Casablanca II video editor

CTX 1792UA 17-inch monitor

Hansol Mazellan B19AL 19-inch monitor


LG Studioworks 99T 19-inch Monitor

JVC HR-S7500 Super VHS VCR

JVC GR-AX880 & GR-AXM500 VHS-C cams

Mirovideo PCTV & Hauppauge WINTV

Mitsubishi Diamond PRO 1000 21-inch

Philips VR-969 S-VHS VCR

Sony 400PST 19-inch monitor



ADI Microscan 6L 15-inch LCD

ADI Microscan G66 & Provista E55 17/19

BELINEA 10 30 40 17-inch monitor

Belinea 10 60 70 19-inch monitor

CTX VL950ST 19-inch monitor


Hansol 701a & 701p 17-inch monitors

Nokia 445X PRO 21-inch monitor

Philips Brilliance 109MP 19-inch monitor

Philips 151AX Brilliance 15-in LCD monitor

Sony GDM-F500 21-inch monitor


ADI Microscan G710 17-inch monitor

ADI Microscan A610 15-inch LCD monitor

Belinea 10 60 30 19-inch monitor

CTX EX1200 21-inch monitor


Hansol 710D 17-inch monitor

Sony Multiscan CPD-E200 17-inch monitor

Sony Multiscan CPD-500 21-inch monitor


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