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Belinea must rank as one of the most prolific monitor companies around. It seems that no sooner have we reviewed one then along comes another, like this 19-incher we're looking at here…



So far we've been quite impressed with what we've seen of Belinea's monitor range though the most recent 17-inch model we reviewed suffered from slightly under par screen regulation. The 10 60 70 puts them right back in contention, this good-looking 19-inch monitor is just the kind of thing we're looking for in our quest to spread the message that when it comes to desktop video, bigger is most definitely better!


Since the price tag is what most people look at first that's where we'll begin. The 10 60 70 has been in the retail and mail-order channels for a few weeks; distribution seems to be a bit patchy but if you shop around you should find it selling for around £430 to £450, including VAT. That's not a bad deal, all things considered. That buys a versatile and well featured monitor capable of automatically resolving all standard VESA resolutions up to and including 1600 x 1200. The maximum refresh rate is 85Hz and the horizontal frequency range is between 31 and 93.75kHz; it can store up to 13 PC-defined presets, so it can cope with just about anything you care to throw at it. Dot pitch is 0.25mm and the flat faceplate has low reflectivity and it should be well suited to a broad range of demanding applications, in an equally wide range or operating environments.


Connections to a PC or Mac are handled by a standard 15-pin D-Sub socket and a set of 5 BNC sockets. As the relatively low price suggests we're not quite into USB or FireWire territory but as we shall see, that's one of the few things that separates the 10 60 70 from similarly sized monitors, costing a good deal more. There's really not a lot to say about the front panel controls; they consist of a row of four buttons and the main on/off switch. The buttons are used to call up the graphical on-screen display, which covers all of the user-settable picture adjustments. All the usual options are there, including picture size and position, geometry, colour temperature and degauss. There's a couple of handy extras too, such as moiré correction, image rotation, on-screen display position and input switching. The latter means it can be connected to two PCs at the same time, should you feel the urge. The only picture adjustment -- apart from brightness and contrast -- is colour temperature. There are four presets and one user colour setting with individual red, green and blue level controls.



Since our last encounter with a Belinea monitor we paid particular attention to power supply regulation. We're please to report it is rock-solid on this model with no more than the tiniest of twitches when fed with a pulsating black-white test signal. It was good news all the way down the line on the focus, colour and resolution checks, the only small hiccup was a very minor convergence error in the top right-hand corner of the screen, that virtually disappeared after it had been running for just over an hour. Normally we would expect the tube to reach operating temperature and give its best after 30 minutes; this one was just a bit slow. 



The 10 60 70 stacks up well against the competition. It lacks the pin-sharp clarity and depth of the very best Trinitron-based monitors but you would only be aware of such differences in a side by side comparison. As it stands this is a good all-rounder; it is a more than able performer when it comes to desktop video and definitely worth shortlisting for more critical jobs, requiring a large screen display, at a sensible price.


How Much?                  

£430 (inc VAT)


Tube size

19-inch CRT                 


Visible display area

352 x 264 mm  


Dot Pitch                      



Max Resolution 

1600 x 1200 pixels


Max refresh rate




448 (w) x 454 (h) x 415 (d) mm





Belinea, telephone Maxdata (01189) 362900




Features                       4

Performance                  5

Ease of use                   4

Value for money            4

Overall Rating  85%



ã R. Maybury 1999 2312




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