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The Panasonic TX-D14L31 ĎPanaflat LC40í is the latest word in computer monitors. It is based on a 14-inch TFT colour LCD screen, the image area is roughly the same as most 15-inch CRT monitors. At less than two and a half inches thick itís a real space saver, it takes up less than a fifth of the room of a similarly sized CRT monitor. Itís also better for operator health and the wider environment; emissions are well below current limits, power consumption is half that of a CRT monitor, and very little energy wasted as heat.


All normal display modes are catered for, including VGA, SVGA, XGA and MAC. Picture size and position are microprocessor controlled, scan rate and  resolution are automatically switched, to a maximum of 1024 x 768. All  adjustments are controlled from a menu-driven on-screen display, and there are six user-memories, for storing picture and signal input settings. The display panel can be detached from its cast alloy tilt-stand, and flush-mounted into a desktop, or wall. The comparatively high price of £2500  is a reflection of the development work and leading edge technologies; Panasonic are hopeful that it will eventually become more competitive.


Panasonic UK Ltd., telephone (01344) 862444



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